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How is Signage Manufactured?

At Seymour Signs, our signage manufacture equipment allows us to not only fabricate but also design custom signage and many other decorative products. We offer a wide variety of plastic substrates and ACP panels for flatbed printing. Our products are designed for optimal ink adhesion and suit all types of printing applications.

Our team at Seymour Signs are passionate about their craft and have many years of experience in designing and fabricating plastic substrates for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We thoroughly understand the processes involved, which is why we can offer advice and supply the products most suited to your plastic fabrication needs. Whether your project requires pressure forming, cutting, line bending or thermoforming, we can provide the right plastic substrates that will offer you the most superior result EVERYTIME!

CNC Router Laser Cutting

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router is a machine that is controlled with extreme precision through the use of a computer and a Computer-Assisted Design program (CAD).

Biesse Rover Plast J CNC Router Laser Cut

Our Beisse CNC Router allows us to cut any shape or size. Whether it be 3D letters for signage, large-scale exterior signage or architectural screens and cladding, we can do it all!

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Vertical Panel Saw

Our state of the art Striebig Vertical Panel Saw allows us to cut your sheeting to the size you require. It is designed to cut various materials including: Acrylic, PVC, Aluminium Composite Panels, Polycarbonate, MDF, HDPE and much more…

Striebig Vertical Panel Saw

Latex Printing

Latex Ink technology is fast becoming the more superior choice when it comes to printing on a variety of applications. From shop signage to vehicle graphics, latex ink is a versatile printing option for both indoor and outdoor projects. Not only is latex ink water-based and non-hazardous, it is also extremely durable making it resistant to scratches and abrasions.

HP Latex 335 Print and Cut Solution

Through the use of our HP Latex printer, we can bring to life any graphic you desire! Using our environmentally safe water-based inks, we can produce sharp, vibrant, high-quality results.

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So, whether it be large-scale promotional signage to make your business stand out from the rest, or a unique feature piece for your home, come in and talk to us today! We would love to collaborate with you to achieve your best design potential!

Andrea Dickfos

Marketing Coordinator

“Think & We Shall Create”